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Bill S-239: Eliminating Foreign Funding in Elections Act

Foreign entities and interest groups not only can, but have poured millions of dollars into Canada for the purpose of attempting to influence the outcome of our elections. Foreign contributors are able to impose their foreign agendas on Canadian elections because of lax rules surrounding third-party election activity in Canada.

A number third party organizations that were active during the 2015 federal election received significant foreign funding.  For example, the Dogwood Initiative, received nearly $1.1 million from foreign sources between 2011 and 2015.  LeadNow, one of the most active third parties in the last election admits that nearly 20% of its funding came from foreign sources.

Bill S-239 will amend the Canada Elections Act to provide clarity that foreigners may not contribute to election-related activities at any time. It defines the list of foreign entities that are not permitted to contribute to Canadian third parties and clarifies that foreign entities are not permitted to provide loans to third parties.

Finally, Bill S-239 will add a sanctioning clause to the Canada Elections Act to hold third parties to account. Any breach of the act will be liable to a fine equal to the amount of the illegal contribution received.

It is a fundamental tenet of Canadian democracy that Canada's electoral process belongs to the Canadian people and only to the Canadian people. Nothing is more central to preserving the integrity and legitimacy of Canadian elections than ensuring that no outside influence is involved — especially when not disclosed.

- Senator Linda Frum, Bill S-239 Second Reading, June 1, 2017

Bill S-232: Canadian Jewish Heritage Month Act

In an effort to recognize the significant contributions that the Canadian Jewish Community has made to Canada, Senator Linda Frum and Michael Levitt (Member of Parliament for York Centre) introduced legislation to designate the month of May as Canadian Jewish Heritage Month.

Canadian Jewish Heritage Month will allow Canadians the opportunity to remember, celebrate and educate future generations about the role that Jewish Canadians have had on shaping Canada’s social, economic, political and cultural fabric.

Bill S-232 received Royal Assent on March 29th.

It is my hope that Canadian Jewish Heritage Month will give all Canadians, Jewish and non-Jewish alike, the opportunity to better understand the culture and history of Jewish Canadians, as well as to appreciate the integral role that the Jewish community has played in shaping Canada into one of the very best countries in the world in which to live.

- Senator Linda Frum, Bill S-232 Second Reading, December 8, 2016