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Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps

Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps

Hon. Linda Frum: Honourable senators, my question is for the Leader of the Government in the Senate. Senator Gold, two months ago I asked you whether your government would commit to listing the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps as a terrorist organization as it had agreed to do immediately when it voted to support a motion in the House more than two years ago.

You said two months ago, in response to my question, that you would make inquiries, so my question today is a follow up. With whom did you make inquiries and what have been the results of those inquiries so far?

Hon. Marc Gold (Government Representative in the Senate): Thank you for your question, senator. I made inquiries of the responsible ministers and departments and have not yet received any updates, and therefore I am not able to report anything further.

This is an ongoing preoccupation and concern for the government. The government has taken steps to target certain groups within Iran and the matter of the Revolutionary Guard remains a matter that is under consideration by the government.

Senator Frum: The Government of Canada listed 13 organizations as terrorist entities last week. One of them was listed less than a month after it was involved in violent protests in Washington, D.C. Yet we are still waiting for the IRGC to be listed, even though it is the prime organ responsible for exporting terrorism around the globe, and it comes from the country known as the world’s leading sponsor of terrorism.

Senator Gold, why, if this government was able to act so quickly on the 13 other listed entities, is it so slow to list the IRGC? What is it about those 13 entities that distinguishes them from the IRGC?

Senator Gold: The government takes seriously the legal requirements that the law imposes upon determining that an entity or organization is to be listed. That information comes from investigations that are made and evidence that’s gathered — evidence that is sometimes easier to gather in some jurisdictions than in others.

The government remains committed to following the proper procedures to determine when and which groups fall within the categories to be so listed and will continue to do so.

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